These all-embracing wildlife experiences are available in most of Southern Africa, as stand-alone day activities or as part of our ‘Luxury Conservation Safaris’

We can accommodate any size group from honeymoon couples to big family gatherings. These luxurious experiences include full or half-day activities and are fully inclusive of meals and local beverages.

Already have a safari booked, but love the sound of one of our experiences? No problem! We’re experts at seamlessly including them in existing safaris. We’re happy to partner with you or your tour operator.

Rhino Horn Trimming

Learn from wildlife experts, as they safely and harmlessly remove the rhino’s horn

Track Elephants

Join elephant researchers and rangers as they track wild elephant herds.

Hot-Air Balloon Safaris

The Hot Air Balloon trip is a timeless classic and a highlight amongst safari-goers..

Turn your ‘Wildlife Vet Online’ course into a practical experience with this collaborative experience in South Africa.

Rhino Notching & DNA Sampling

Spend a day with animal experts as they dart a rhino, extract DNA samples and ‘notch’ the ears of a rhino.

Visit a Rhino Orphanage

Meet some of the hard-working individuals who care for baby rhinos that have been orphaned.

Assist a Wildlife Vet

Witness first-hand the difference a wildlife vet makes in the lives of wild animals.

Luxurious Game Drive

Discover Africa’s natural treasures – the quintessential aspect of a luxurious African safari. 

Cheetah Tracking

Reconnect with nature as you track one of Africa’s vulnerable species. 

Scenic Flights

Let your dreams take wings as you view nature from above.

Corporate Conservation Experience

A memorable way for companies to appreciate their contribution to African wildlife.

Track Rhino on Foot

Walk with some of the best guides and trackers in pursuit of one of Africa’s most iconic species, the white rhino.

Anti-Poaching: K9 Demonstrations

Meet the heroes who protect our wildlife − the anti-poaching dogs.

Premium Accommodation

We partner with some of the most distinctive lodges in Southern Africa.

Wildlife Capture & Relocation

Assist to carefully capture and release wild animals into their natural habitats. 

Private Guides

Our guides ensure that your encounter is as luxurious, adventurous and exciting as possible.